Review Requests

Review Request Policies

I frequently review arcs and I'm happy to review upon request. But, if you want the best possible review then please consider this short list below.

  1. I read most genres: romance, science fiction romance, supernatural romance, fantasy romance, young adult, new adult, contemporary, crime, dystopian. If it is horror or hard core science fiction or fantasy without an element of romance, it is unlikely I will accept it since I wouldn't want to give a low rating in a review due to lack of genre interest.
  2. I am more likely to read your work if you provide me with a copy in exchange for a review, like Netgalley, this allows me to read and review more! Otherwise I have to stop reading and earn the money to fund my love and hobby.
  3. I can read a book a day, but due to interning at a publishing house and being a professional blogger for a site other than my own, it can take me up to a week or two, to complete the reading and post my review. (so please bare this in mind).
  4. As a professional blogger for Copy House Press, any books I review will also be posted on there as well as here. (more publicity for you right?!) 
How to contact me about requests:

If you feel you meet the genre specification above, please email me on: and in the subject write: "Review request" and I will get back to you within 24hours.