REVIEW: A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Windstorm

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

The title fits this book so well, it is a Tragic Kind of Wonderful!

I'm of the opinion that there shouldn't be an age limit of reading, yes okay, Fifty Shades of Grey isn't appropriate for a 10 year old. We have the same opinion there. But I'm talking about literature that has been banned even when it is aimed at young readers. Literature that is honest and actually teaches YA audience something.
This book, is about mental illness, often a "taboo' subject. It's specifically about a young girl named Mel who suffers with Bipolar. This is what intrigued me to read this book. I've read adult books with this theme, but I was fascinated how it can transcend into a book for younger readers. Because mental illness affects all ages.

It is a thoroughly well written novel. Not only did it have an intriguing plot, but the main character, Mel, she was ruthlessly well written and very honest in how she was described. Her struggle with Bipolar was often heart breaking as well as her need to handle it alone, when many people were willing to help. This is true for many, they become embarrassed and wish to hide what they have. But, they shouldn't have to. This is where I find literature to be very powerful. This is when writing gives a message. This is when words have power. That people shouldn't feel ashamed, that mental illness isn't a subject to shy away from and brush under the carpet. This is when writing teaches younger readers, so they can better understand and deal with similar situations in real life. Yes, it may be a fictional story, but all stories stem from fact.

Happiness was also well balanced with tragedy within this remarkable story. It is a Thoroughly gripping and enlightening story. I especially loved how Mel tracked her moods, how she knew if she was crashing through the idea of a series of animals or if she was heading for a manic episode. All characters were well rounded and added to the plot. I have to admit, some of Mel's friends were questionable and judgmental, but I remember being surrounded with that as a teenager at school. So it highlights on teenage insecurities too.

This has to be one of my best reads of 2016. Definitely willing to read again this year in 2017.

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