Review: Love Always, Kate by D.Nichole King

Love Always, Kate Love Always, Kate by D. Nichole King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I saw this book I thought, "Ah, another fictional cancer book, can't live up to John Green..." Boy was I wrong.

This book has a name of its own, a force to be reckoned with, with words that brand your mind so you can never forget such an epic story. Love Always, Kate by D. Nichole King, is a hopeful novel about a girl, named Kate, battling cancer. This isn't her first time, this isn't her second time, you follow Kate's journey of fighting for her life against Leukemia for the third time. She is only 17.

But, this time it's different, all the other times she's been strong, not wanting to upset her parents and alone, no one to challenge how she really feels. This time she meets Damien. He's a young man who also knows pain, he isn't fighting for his own life like Kate, he's mourning someone else's life. He's a badboy, or to be more specific, he's a good man whose lost his way. He should be bad new and although Kate is warned away, she wants to help him. She's strong, she's a heroine who your can't help but admire.

Kate and Damien as characters are so raw and real that you can't help but relate to them. They're so different, yet so perfect together. I have never met two characters where a writer has written their emotions so flawlessly. Well, with the Exception of Jojo Moyes and her book Me Before You. If you loved that, King is the author for you, since they have similar tone of writing.

This is definitely on my favourites shelf. Even whilst writing this review my eyes still sting and I feel choked by the emotion this novel wrung out of me. This book leaves you with a lot of what ifs. What if this had happened, what if that had not happen and yet, if it was written any differently I would have a completely different opinion, this book then wouldn't feel as remarkable. I love books that provoke my emotions and this does exactly that.

This book is enlightening, a story of love and how precious life is. Never take it for granted, every day means something.

"No matter how dark it gets, the sun always rises and starts a new day. The Darkness is forgotten." - Kate

Hope you liked my review, Love Always, Holly.

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