Review: Since Drew by J. Nathan

Since Drew by J. Nathan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm a sucker for a sports romance and I'm an even bigger fan when a tragedy is thrown into the mix. You may think I'm a sadistic person, but in fiction I love a dark side, a tragic circumstance that destroys a heroine, yet gives them the chance to rebuild themselves and become even stronger. I personally feel, that a character with flaws becomes more concrete and feel more real. J. Nathan achieved this brilliantly.

I loved her hero and heroine, their love / hate relationship, their meet-cute taking place in a hospital under terrible circumstances. I loved Andie's sarcasm and banter with Drew our hunky, ripped, quarterback. This story had me laughing out loud, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I'm talking, full mega-watt, embarrassing if anyone is watching you read, smiles. Then there were moments when I was nearing tears. Then came the fleeting seconds of anger.

This book made me feel so much. And has to now be on my favourites list. The character's were just so well written, their personalities leapt off the page. I wish they WERE real, they'd be damn good friends.

Although, there are twist in the plots I did see them coming, but what I found more fascinating was waiting for the characters to find out, waiting for their reaction. This didn't hinder the story one bit.

I feel bereft that this story is over, that I read it in 5 hours and now I wish I'd savoured it, took my time, but I just could not put this down for a single second.

Seriously, if you're not already downloading this onto your kindle, shame on you.

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