Review: Hard to Break by Bella Jewel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the second books in Bella Jewel's "Alpha Heart" series.

At the beginning I was intrigued and have to say I was reading each page, desperately as the book addict I am. I love a tom boy heroine like Quinn, who's comfortable with a wrench in her hand and grease staining her jeans. I also like the fact she was sassy and didn't let anyone, man or woman, stand in her way. The hero, Tazen, was hunky, just like her last, and at the beginning I hated him a little, his stereotyping of women not being in a "man's" profession. But, without this, our engine/dream chasing heroine, wouldn't have been able to re-educate him on that matter. And there for, as a reader, I wouldn't have seen his character adapt and grow. I love the fact the heroine worshipped his TV show and him, then hated him because he acted like an asshat haha! Their war of words was great!

There was one point where I kind of rolled my eyes at its unrealistic element, yes I know it's fictional, but it felt far-fetched. Also, Quinn did become a bit deranged at one point, and slightly stalker-ish and screaming like a banshee, i was just glad that wasn't in the book for long....

I will still read the third in the series.

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