Review: Brave by Natalie Gayle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A moment in time, that’s all it took. Beauty, pain and tragedy.  

Xander “Pretty Boy” Todd was a demon in the ring. A professional MMA fighter with a career that had the world a buzz—but now it’s gone. Or is it?

Eden Sommers had her dreams of an international modelling career within her grasp—and lost it. Gone within a few seconds, leaving nothing but pain.

How do you go on, when the one thing that defines you is suddenly ripped away—only to leave scars and a hollow shell in its place? Has the beauty gone forever? Or has it just retreated—to now be hidden, and dormant; guarded by the inner demons? 

Can these two wounded souls find the inner strength to fight back the demons together and find the beauty in their lives once again? 

To do this, they must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside. They’ll have to be BRAVE.

This is a fantastic start to a new MMA fighter series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't put it down.

I always gravitate to characters who are fighting their inner demons, characters that appear damaged and are in need of support to heal and overcome their fears. This book has all of this.

Eden Sommers, is one of the strongest characters I have read from, her tragedy and her ability to overcome her demons and live life again was moving.

Xander, as a hero was outstanding, although a gruff, once on the rise MMA fighter, he is so gentle, charming and all round good for Eden. He helped her find her self confidence again. Their romance was sweet, because of their understanding of each other and their dark pasts. All the characters had an impact within this novel, each had a role to play and a personality that filled the page.

This was a great story of strength, support, romance and overcoming all obstacles.

A winning read that makes you want to stand up and fight for what you want.


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