Review: Beautiful Liar by Tara bond

Firstly, a big congratulations to Tara Bond and her first publication!

Now, for my review.

The book was promising. Who doesn't like a romance about a hot, privileged, playboy and a damsel in distress of a heroine? I certainly love them. The story kept me hooked, the plot was well written, but, it was the characters that has made the final decision of my lower rating. Nina, if she was a real person, well, lets just say she would't be my best friend. She had many qualities I didn't like, I understand that when writing a character they need flaws for them to appear real, but she was often irrational with her actions because she had a judgemental personality and made the same mistakes. 

And the hero Alex, at the beginning he was arrogant, and yes, it was a front to hide something but there were 11 scenes I highlighted when he was acting, well, unbecoming, but this scene in particular really made me angry and put me off of his character. As a little background info, the naive heroine gave him her virginity thinking he had feelings for her, then he pushes her away by saying this:

Nina - "I just want to understand why you're being like this."
Alex - "Like what?" ... "We slept together. That's all. Why're you turning it into a big deal?" He turned to the others, rolling his eyes at them. "Remind me never to deflower a virgin again. It's more trouble than it's worth." - Quotation from the novel.

Although, this is personal preference, it can be said that Bond was such a great writer since she wrangled such a strong emotion from me! And he did redeem himself in the end, but still it was hard to like as much afterwards.

Personally I would love to explore Jas and Hugh's relationship, as secondary characters they were super cute!

I will read this authors next book. I think Bond has promise.

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