Review: All The Rage by Courtney Summers

An honest review - Arc copy from Netgalley.

"He covers her mouth. That's how you get a girl to stop crying; you cover her mouth until the sound dies against your palm."

This book.

This book has me speechless. Courtney Summers' writing is poetic, I don't mean flowery Shakespeare, I mean it is gritty, dark and visceral. Her writing doesn't go into detail, glorifying the violence of rape, describing it in minute-by-minute physical detail. Instead her focal point is the shame, the violation and the betrayal it causes; the mental abuse along with the physical. The aftermath of what happened.

Romy, comes from the wrong side of town, and it sickens me how that would stop people believing her. Although this is a fictional story - the reality is that this has happened to countless women. Women blamed, women shamed, women who are victims not only of rape, but of a corrupt system that doesn't protect them as it should. This book is raw, this book is not happy and is not a fairy tale, it's a harsh glimmer of reality. A reality many would wish to bury.

Her novel has done exactly what it was meant to do: create awareness of the suffering, the shunning and the shame that is labelled with rape. How it can dehumanise a person and take not only their innocence, but also their confidence and self worth. Here's a few sentences that really stuck with me, highlighting the emotion that is on every page of this book, a raw portrayal that slowly chips away at the heart:

"You know all the ways you can kill a girl? God, there are so many."

"Come on, I want to hear it from you," Tina says. "What if she was? [Raped]"

"Then she's better off dead."  (Romy's Reply)

"I wish I didn't have a body, sometimes."

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