Page of Change: Stopping a book-funk!

This isn't a review. This is me, an average girl, sharing my love for reading. I read ALOT! Yes, everyone can say this, but I take my addiction to a whole new level! (and by "everyone" I mean my fellow avid readers! Yes, you, right there)

Lately I have been in a huge book-funk, I don't mean the - 'I can't find a book to read!' book funk, it's the "nothing can hold my attention" book-funk. I find plenty of books that I want to read, but none of them seem to be living up to my expectations! I'm bored with certain genres! I find myself falling asleep with my book still in my hands! Which is horrific since I used to sit up until 4.00am reading a book from cover to cover.

Alas! Dear readers, book junkies and fellow nerd girls (or guys, lets not be sexist). The reason I have been so bored is because I have over-read a particular genre. Gone are the days I enjoy a light hearted chick-lit (or shit-lit) book! All the plots are the same, just with different characters and lets face it, it's like drinking green tea every day, plain and boring. But, now I have discovered breakfast tea with sugar! Sweet, new and exciting! But still, sticking with a similar beverage! (We don't want to put all books down.)

Love the cover!
So, books are still yours friends! This feeling will fade, but it's time to find something new! I find myself browsing love tragedies like - The Great Gatsby (my favourite book btw) but, my current golden-prize find of a novel is called Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (Costa Novel Award 2013 Winner) It's amazing! It reminds me slightly of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, since it follows the voice of a young-misfit-girl called Ursella; her tone of voice is rather similar to Scout through her young inquisitive and astute mind. It's a non-linear narrative. It reminds me of the Film Butterfly Effect, how with one miniscule action, her whole future can change. And you read all the different lives she could possibly have, if she did or didn't do something. Very cleverly writing, different yet complicated plot and I haven’t been able to guess anything that will happen next!

So, my top tip to stopping your book-funk is! Be spontaneous, pick a book you hadn't thought to read, something with more depth than Fifty Shades. Oh, and stay away from the fan-fiction! Because that plot has most definitely been over done!

Happy spontaneous reading, B.A.A readers (Book Addiction Anonymous). Yes, we now have a group. Although, lets not be sheep when it comes to sucky-books ;)
I couldn't agree more! I am 100% addicted and proud!
Face it, we could be addicted to something worse.

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