Like Gravity by Julie Johnson


Twenty year-old Brooklyn “Bee” Turner is no stranger to grief. After witnessing her mother’s brutal murder at age six, Brooklyn is guarded, damaged, and – by all accounts – a bitch. And that’s just the way she likes it, if it means keeping everyone at arm’s length. 

When she stumbles, quite literally, into Finn Chambers – campus ladies’ man and the lead singer of a local band —she’s unprepared for his persistence in befriending her, and for the dangerous attraction she begins to feel for him. 

Because with Finn, she knows it would be more than just sex. 

More than just friendship. 

And maybe even more than just love. 

When a sinister presence from her past reemerges, Brooklyn will be pushed to her breaking point. For the first time in fifteen years, she will confront both her grief and her memories, as she plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an unforeseen enemy. 

Because sometimes, the demons we must confront aren’t only on the inside...

From the first line I was hooked!

This book is fast paced, dramatic and romantic.

I loved it!

Bee as a character witnessed something horrid, that scarred her for life. Giving her a shit load of issues, which she pushes back into the recess of her mind, so she doesn't have to think of it. At least not during the day. But her dreams haunt her, nightmares of the day that her world splintered into a thousand pieces, haunt her in her sleep. She pushes men away, unless for a one night stand, and refuses anyone to be close to her. Except her self absorbed friend Lexi, who doesn't ask questions, otherwise she would've been ditched long ago.

Then in Lexi's pursuit of the Hottest guy on campus Finn. Bee is thrown head first into his world, quite literally, after losing fight to a fire hydrant.

And so the frustratingly sexy,(usually unattainable player) stud Finn saves Princess Bee (She's not actaully a princess) and after their shocking connection love begins to bloom (Although Bee fights it at first). And for the first time EVER! Bee may not want to run.

I found Finn and Bee's relationship hot, sweet and it literally made me have jelly legs at how sweet Finn could be, then it made me want to throw my underwear at Finn's feet like a wild groupy! hahaha They are literally the perfect match! Bee strong, sassy and broken and Finn Strong, protective and loving.

But Bee's life is threatened by someone unknown, and Finn has to protect her. 

This book is both, sad,happy and filled with tension. We learn ALOT about Bee's heart breaking past; trying to overcome her fears and problems, with Finn along for the ride. I do wish I knew more about Finn though, his back story.

He may just be my: My tall, dark and fictional for this month.

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