REVIEW: Old Wounds by N.K.Smith

Sent to live with her estranged father, troubled seventeen year Sophia Young is biding her time until school is over and freedom is hers. But running from her painful past is not as easy as she was expecting, especially after meeting a kindred spirit in Elliott Dalton, the shy, withdrawn son of a prominent doctor.

In the first novel of the series, they are paired together in therapy; a seemingly unlikely pair who have nothing in common.

Or do they?

For Sophia and Elliott are about to learn that appearances can be deceiving...

This is the second time I've read this book. 

I love Sophie's sarcasm and bitchy attitude. She seems tough and thick skinned but underneath she's scared. Scared of her memories and the feelings they induce when remembering. This she believes makes her weak; She hates feeling weak. She also doesn't believe in dreams or happily ever afters, she believes in existing.

But then she meets Eliot. After being forced into taking group therapy and Eliot and Sophie are paired together.

Eliot is a quiet, shy, attractive young man. Who unfortunately is bullied by one individual and shunned by other students because he has a speech impediment, a stutter.

Both Sophie and Eliot are troubled by their pasts and begin a budding friendship that slowly blooms through the novel. As they learn things about each other that they haven't shared with anyone else. Which is new for both of them since trust doesn't come easy.

This novel is fantastic, you begin to get to know the characters and slowly and come to love them. 

You begin to learn about Sophie's destructive behaviour with drugs, her need to smoke reality away is a call for help, and Eliot is just the person to try.

They both need a hug!!!

And I'm hoping soon they're budding romance will grow and turn into a happily ever after :')

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