REVIEW: Little Battles by N.K.Smith


Book Two in the 'Old Wounds' Series.

Spending time with Elliott instills a faint whisper of hope within Sophie Young; hope that both terrifies her and promises redemption. But the demons of her past are never far behind, and old habits are hard to break. The more she tries to push him away, the stronger the pull towards him becomes. As Sophie’s broken heart continues to seek comfort in Elliott, can she put aside her destructive ways and take the most dangerous risk of all?

For many years, Elliott Dalton had lived a solitary existence, keeping his emotions under tight control. But as his feelings for Sophie grow and her life spins further out of control, his carefully built facade begins to crack. 

He is determined to protect her at all costs, just as he protects the hidden secrets of his past. Secrets that threaten everything. For if she knew, he would lose her forever...

There is nothing little about the internal battles Eliot and Sophie fight. Constantly trying to bury their pasts so they no longer have to remember it. But that is impossible. Eliot and Sophie's relationship forces them to push each other to the limits and slowly unravel their pasts and share them with each other. 

Although, their experiences with people and abuse has given two very different ways of coping.

Sophie is aggressive, sarcastic and does everything in her power to not feel anything for anyone. Since the only person she was able to depend on was her self, because everyone hurt her in the deepest way possible. The parents who were supposed to protect her didn't.


Eliot is shy, quiet and is constantly in his head. Unable to form simple sentences without stuttering and the amount of bullying he has had, has caused him to feel unworthy and is extremely insecure.


Sophie and Eliot together is perfect. Sophie becomes affectionate but only towards Eliot. And Eliot actually talks and has a conversation but only with Sophie.

They have trust, but what happens when that trust is broken?

I love these books, their bitter and stark and handle real problems, Although I do find my self hating Robin a little bit, she appears rather selfish at times with her observations.... Maybe I've been in Eliot's and Sophie's head too long though :D

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