Review: Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk

Genre: YA christian fiction / romance
Paperback, 264 pages
Rating: ***** five

“1. All glass will break.
2. I am made of glass.
3. Therefore, I will break.” 
 Laura Anderson Kurk, Glass Girl


This sentence is a summery of  of how touching and memorable Meg's story is. I felt the same emotions as Meg after the loss of her brother, and being that my siblings are very healthy and loving this book pulls upon grief that you as a person wouldn't expect to feel without experience. The story sucked you in with very like-able characters and the sweet blooming romance between Meg and Henry combined with faith creates a bitter sweet read. And Henry well may I just say *swooooooon* he's a delicious Hero think western cow boy hunk yum!

You as a reader don't have to have religion to read this book although it is a focus it's established through the healing of grief, love and belief as well as saving a family. I'm not a christian nor do I attend church but the fluid writing of Kurk, is very believable and understandable not cheesy or fake but very realistic. Meg's almost delusional belief that she'll break, shatter like glass is ominous and creates sympathy. She's an awesome character! flawed but with a heart of gold

Would I read it again: OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would I recommend it : Well why would I review it if I wouldn't!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes!

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