REVIEW: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson


I have finally decided to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Which I consumed rapidly in 1 day: on the bus, walking to lectures, in the lectures...shhh I know it's naughty but it was soooo addictive! I personally feel I will be forgiven.
All the characters have flaws, which makes the story feel more realistic (this is no fairytale) although that Bi*** Erica grrrrrrrr just read and find out why the annoying hussy grates on the nerves. She's one of those characters who gets in the way and hurts your other favourite characters feelings. 
Erica is one of ----------------------------->

I'm now mentally punching Erica in the face.... Okay now I feel a little mean....I'm lying I don't :D

Although I did find my self liking Mikael just not some of his actions, for those who have read it and haven't we all know he's a likeable womaniser without being swarve. Women just like him in their bed.... But this isn't highlighted within the movie. 

My Top 7 points are:

The plot is well constructed.
   The story may start slow but leads to an exhilarating climax and has you begging for more!.
   One - Kick ass, computer hacking heroin, with a photographic memory (Lisbeth)
   One - Womanising, workaholic, reporter, who doesn't know when to quit (Bloomkvist)
   A murder investigation
    A Psychotic killer
   And plenty of action!

CREATING A MASTERPIECE OF A BOOK!!! I for one loved it... give it a chance it may start slow but it certainly doesn't end it!!! As I read on I found my self wanting conclusions to the plot and to hopefully dig deeper in Lisbeth Salander's mind. She has to be my ultimate heroin with a freakishly excellent brain. She's like Tombed raider on crack! She also has an enviable inner strength which makes you bond closer to her as an individual character but I really want more... Which is why I bought the rest of the trilogy online!!!!!! For only £2.99 a book BARGAIN!!!!!! Ok moving on.....

Now for the movie...

I must admit the movie was good! If I hadn't known about the parts that were missing. This may be because I am now very much in love with the books and have become mildly bias towards them. You just don't get into Salander's thought process with the movies, and this makes her actions sadistic and rather disjointed when watching the scene with her acting upon her vengeance. She's a secretive character when reading about her, let alone just watching her on screen and not know what's ticking within that fabulous brain of hers. 

Also I'm  very upset and confused about why they didn't mention Salander's mother once in the movie. Which I don't understand since she's very important within Lisbeth's background and to the second books plot (I HATE IT WHEN THEY CUT THINGS WHICH ARE WITHIN THE BOOK!)   All the actors played their characters outstandingly well, including Rooney Mara (Lisbeth) and Daniel Craig (Blomkvist). But The book is wayyyyyyyy better! It is FANTASTICALLY EPIC so please, please, please if you haven't read the book already, please pick up a copy it is well worth the money you will be in for a hell of a treat!

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