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So, I have A LOT of love for the Hunger Games Trilogy and was on count down, literally to watch the movie when it came out.

I love Katniss and her love for Peta even though it wasn't like that at the beginning but it's sweet how it blooms slowly like a flower in spring. This was my first dystopian novel I had ever read which then gave me a craving to consume every book I could lay my hands on for this genre! And let me just say, my poor dads wallet looked a little empty for a while but my Waterstones card had a Hefty amount of cash from points...

It has to be said a majority of the world has either read or watched the Hunger Games since it has the YA fame of the sucky Fifty Shades of Grey (rubbish book! But nonetheless famous). The idea of reality TV and fighting to the death has a titivating effect upon a readers emotions and was something I had never personally read before. I did not have one single feeling of anxiety towards this film being released, lets face it nothing can be as bad as Twi-shite (I should really stop referencing my hate for that film...) Then again a plus is that I love the actors casted for HG's film! Which has to be a plus who can hate Jennifer Lawrence and we love her even more for her embarrassing tumble up the stairs, but lets face it when you're wearing that awesome white dress nothing can look bad.

The film more or less stuck to all of the plot twists and to every fans relief the script was co – written and co–produced by Suzanne Collins herself! Although many were disappointed with the age 12 certificate, but this didn't stop the film from being brilliantly made. Even the colours of the characters hair was correct which you have to admit some directors don't care about the importance of a characters hair colour and let me tell you it drives me insane when they change what a character looks like even mildly from how they're described in the book.

Although I personally thought there could have been more emphasis upon how close Katniss and Rue's relationship was especially when Katniss was under the influence of the crackerjack poison, the hallucination should have had Primrose's face slowly morph into Rue's to portray their new sisterly love/bond. Although i have to admit my favourite characters have to be Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and Haymitch (Woody Harrelson)  within the movie their characters are AWESOME! Especially Effie and her welcom speach! I am totally and irevocably in love with every member of the cast!

And I am now avidly waiting in angst for the second debut like many others. To be filled with more action and heart wrenching scenes. So get ready to sing your appraisals like that of the rebellious Mocking Jay!

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