Pen Vs Picture: Who wins?

When you see a trailer of your favourite book:
Do you get excited or stew with hatred knowing it's going to be ruined?

I'm one of these people who loves both books and movies (books more so). So you can imagine my hesitation over film adaptations. Sometimes they can be excellent and excede your highest expectations or for lack of better words it's shit. We all know sparkling vampires don't work so well on screen (lets say no more about cinematic Twi-shite) some things are better left to ones imagination!

So I will review and expose (without spoilers) if this movie will be on par, better or rubbish compared to the book and quite possibly if the movie is better than the book (which I highly doubt! Although I may be wrong!)  :)

(This is not my picture... funny though huh!?!?)

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